The Key to giving meeting gifts to customers or employees is to create a unique experience. The memorable experiences your guests have choosing and receiving these gifts are vital to the Success of your program. Premium Works has over 7 years experience in creating and executing onsite, fully branded corporate gift galleries. Our Staff will handle all aspects of the gifting experience and your attendees will be able to choose from a variety of gifts from our top brands.

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Ray Ban Fitting Events
Fitting Events - Ray Ban

We have knowledgeable and qualified associates to host on-site events for Ray-Ban. Our staff manages the gift-giving experience from start to finish. Prior to the event, clients work with Ray-Ban brand experts to select best selling styles for your employees/guests. We create a hassle-free, fun, memorable event for the client and gift recipients. Our team does it all from event set-up to tear down including shipping, brand displays, and gift distribution.

What’s Included:

  • Travel expenses for attending representative
  • Top notch Ray-Ban display tray with mirrors, signage, table cloths, banners etc.
  • All sunglasses come boxed with a leather case and cleaning cloth
  • Knowledgeable associates to help your guests find that special style based on face shape, lifestyle and current trends

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Fitting Events - Tumi

Tumi Fitting Event


We will bring the TUMI retail store experience to your next event. We can set up anywhere you are hosting - in a ballroom , poolside, on a golf course, or on a ski slope. Our consultants create a custom shopping experience for your guests, complete with TU MI signage and a curated product display. Our staff provides suggestions and advice, plus an opportunity to explore the products hands-on. Once guests have chosen their bag, we take care of the order (with monogramming), and have it shipped to them 10 days after the event. Guests love this luxury shopping experience and are left with positive memories of your event every time they use their TUM! bag.


  • There is a $1,000 non-refundable Fitting Fee per TUMI person.
  • There is a rooming requirement for our TUM! consultant. Call for details.
  • TUMI consultants are available for a maximum of 10 hours per day with appropriate breaks.
  • All product is FOB, our warehouse in Vidalia, Georgia.
  • You will be required to have a PO on file for the number of recipients.
  • Costs will be averaged out per recipient. Some bags will cost more some and some will cost less, but we will bill you the same pre-negotiated cost per recipient. Dollar cost averaging allows you to manage your costs per recipient.
  • TUMI brand signage consists of one black TUMI table drape and two TUMI banner stands. TUMI conducts fitting events in North America and the Caribbean only. Recipient shipments can be made outside of the United States, but customer is responsible for all freight and all international duties and taxes.
  • Please allow at least a 45-day lead time from order to event date.
  • We require a hardcopy roster of recipients in advance to be checked off as they are fitted.


  • Your recipients will want to spend time with the TUMI consultant to match their requirements with the perfect TUMI product.
  • Lighting and background noise make a difference. Low noise levels will allow your recipients to hear what the TUMI consultant is saying and ample lighting will allow them to properly "shop" and 1-1 see what they are choosing. If an outdoor venue is chosen, shade for all participants is key.
  • Not all TUMI products take a monogram. Let your recipients choose no monogram if they wish.
  • Less is more: we suggest no more than six products per level. Too many products make it harder for the recipient to make up his/her mind. Tell us about your group in advance and allow us to hand pick the exact assortment ahead of time.
  • Assigning one of your on-site staff to the fitting area will allow for breaks and to take care of whatever might come up.
  • If your recipient group had a high female percentage, color matters! Add some color to the mix.
  • It is essential to stagger the arrivals so that each recipient can spend time with the TUMI consultant "trying on" product to be sure to make their best choice.